Great bicycle retail in a coffee cup


You more than likely don’t start your day without your ritual morning coffee. And like most people, that involves a stop at your preferred coffee shop. Congratulations. You know a lot about great bicycle retailing; a lot more than you probably realised.

Your favourite coffee shop probably isn’t the only coffee option on that street. You might have lots of other coffee options. It probably isn’t the cheapest coffee either. The six ‘7-11s’ you pass on the way sell coffee for a dollar.

You enjoy the general buzz about your coffee shop, the laughter and banter above the grind of the coffee machine and music. They’ve got a funky barista who’s really passionate about his blends and roasts. The staff there always remember your name, and your coffee. If they see you coming, your coffee is often already waiting for you when you walk in. And it’s not just the coffee that takes your fancy; they always offer great pastries, cakes and sandwiches, so you rarely ever walk out with just a coffee in your hand. And I’m betting you’ve probably got a coffee machine at home. It actually makes pretty good coffee. What’s that cup of coffee cost you? About 50 cents a cup?

Cafe Racer outside

So let’s think about that. Your favourite coffee shop is surrounded by nearby alternatives. It’s not the cheapest, but the core product is good. So is the professional and personalised service, backed up by the technical product knowledge. You like the atmosphere, the feel, the banter and even the furniture. It’s familiar and friendly, and they always tempt you with other products from their attractive and choice-filled range.

So, like I said; you clearly know a lot about good bicycle retail.

Wondering how you can bring that same buzz to your store? Drop me a line.

Jonathon Nunan


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