Modern RMS. Why should bike shops upgrade? And who to?


One of the things I love about the topic of Retail Management System software and bike shops, is that it appears to be the great leveller. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you’re a fifty store chain or a small owner-run independent; finding the right RMS package for your bike business, installing it, populating it, managing it, troubleshooting it or simply adapting it to your needs, is pretty much a never-ending nightmare.

You know those nightmares you can’t seem to wake up from or get out of your head? That nightmare where everyone you try to explain it to says “Ohh, I know that one. Yes, it doesn’t get any better.”

Well, as ever, I’m here to help. It doesn’t need to be a nightmare. In fact, if you pick the right one and get the right help, it will be one of the most defining and exciting choices you’ve ever made for your bike business.

Here’s my Bicycling Trade article on the best RMS packages for bike shops (big or small);

“Whoever you choose, make sure you’re realistic about your IT capabilities and your business’ needs, now and in to the future. Invest now in the right package and the right help to give your business the tools it needs to survive and thrive, as well as save you a lot more money and heartache down the line.”

Happy to discuss your personal views and insights on RMS products for bike shops. What do you think is best and why? And what would the ideal software product look like?


Jonathon Nunan

Australia’s Bicycle Industry Consultant & Commentator



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