The ‘3 Wise Campaigns’ for your Bike Shop Marketing this Christmas Season

“Arguably, the most important thing bike retailers need to understand about Christmas is that it’s not one selling season to plan for, but three. You need sales, marketing/communications, and purchasing plans to hit all three successfully, otherwise you’re going to miss your potential Christmas period sales by quite a long way.”

As the saying goes, “Christmas comes but once a year”. But in terms of the bicycle business, that once a year event has invariably always lasted anywhere from 3-6 months. Today Christmas for modern retailers lasts a bit less than that. Somewhere between 2-4 months, depending on where you’re located and what you stock. And today, the Christmas sales period starts much closer to the day itself than it used to, but continues for about another month or so afterwards.

Christmas sales haven’t disappeared. They’ve just changed. Because the customers have changed. The way they shop has changed. And when and how they spend their money has changed. And so must you. Here’s my take on why and how;

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wise ones!

Jonathon Nunan. Better Bike Business

Australia’s Bicycle Industry Consultant & Commentator






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