Customer Retention Strategies for Bike Shops Which Won’t Cost a Cent.

“Bicycle retail is a lot more brutal than it used to be. Consumers are considerably better informed, with superior product choice, purchasing and delivery options. They know it too! They will give you less chances to win their business and even less opportunity to keep it.

If you don’t have an active, all of business Customer Retention Strategy in place, you might as well plan your closing down sale today. Without a strategy in place, you are bleeding customers at a minimum rate of 20% a month. And thanks to social media, Google ratings and the like, you’re also probably losing potential customers you don’t even have yet.”


Thinking you might be interested to read some more? Check out the rest of my article on affordable (basically free!) customer retention strategies for your bike business;



Is this how you felt after reading my ‘customer retention’ article? If not, I am happy to offer you a complete refund. Or you can even email me with your thoughts, feedback and questions. Always happy to chat. Especially about bike business and how to make it better.


Jonathon Nunan

Australia’s Bicycle Industry Consultant & Commentator


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