8 Affordable Outsources for a Better Bike Business

This probably captures the reality for too many bike shop owners


“As the proprietor of a bike shop, you sure have to wear a lot of hats: retail manager, stock controller, sales person, mechanic, personnel manager, accountant, marketing manager, web administrator, social media manager, cleaner, ride leader and more. But what you most need to be is business manager, sales strategist, leader and mentor.

But you rarely get to work on your business, because as the saying goes, you’re always working in it. You push on, wearing all those hats, because you believe there’s no one else who’ll do all those tasks. You think you can muddle through it, that you don’t need professional help, or you can’t afford to get help with many of these roles.

In today’s open source economy, we can outsource more tasks, more affordably and reliably than ever.

Outsourcing key tasks could be the game-changer your bike business needs. And it’s invariably cheaper than you think. Here’s my take on outsourcing for bike shops;


Too Busy To Improve.png
Are you ‘too busy’ because of what you’re doing, or because of what you’re not doing?


If you happen to find some spare time in your day; let me know your thoughts and feedback on this topic. Happy to receive, or respond to any questions or suggestions. And if I don’t know the answer. I’ll outsource my response.


Jonathon Nunan

Australia’s Bicycle Industry Consultant & Commentator



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