Why Customer Profiling & Personalized Messaging Should Matter to Your Bike Business

Before we begin, I totally get that for the majority of bike shop owners and managers, this might seem like a topic that you really shouldn’t be wasting time on. You’ve got a lot on your plate already; just sticking to your knitting and getting the job done.

All these acronyms and ‘sciencey’ marcomms terms are super fascinating and everything, but they won’t help you sell more bikes or bike stuff will they? Will they?

Well, as it happens. They most certainly will. And they’ll more than likely keep your business competitive, relevant and viable, in a day and age where doing what you’ve always done or relied upon, will, unfortunately, see you going out of business sometime in the not too distant future.

Here’s an excerpt from my article in ‘BikeRoar’ on why you need to get your head around the topics of customer profiling and personalised messaging;

“Why bother? In a nutshell, customer profiling allows you to best target your communications, content, new product info and sales promotions, so that you enhance the likelihood your message will be better received and more likely acted upon. On the flip side, it equally means you’re much less likely to annoy your customers with inbox filler, disengaging social media posts, or wasted re-targeting ads.”

And here’s the rest of it;


I love to hear your feedback, critiques, questions or requests for help. I promise to respond as soon as possible. WiFi, cycling and life permitting.


Jonathon Nunan

Australia’s Bicycle Industry Consultant & Commentator




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