“Jonathon’s vast experience and understanding in the Australian market has put him in the perfect position to know how to match partners in manufacturing, distribution and retail. He and I have worked with each other for well over a decade and in that time I’ve come to know Jonathon on both a personal and professional level. Jonathon’s drive comes from his personal desire to be on top of every situation in his life and his strong ethics and discipline in meeting challenges head on make him uniquely suited to help others find their way in the lucrative Australian market. Over the years Jonathon has been a well spring of excellent ideas and consistent follow-through helping to improve our brands steadily from the distribution level all the way through to retail and consumers.

There are others that have a certain strengths to help new companies come into Australia. But Jonathon carries a full tool belt and takes great pride in his work. Genuinely only looking to find a right solution and plan to be successful. Jonathon should be at the top of any short list of candidates you’re looking at to help you realize your full potential in the Australian market.”Jeff Zell, Global Go-to-Guy, Panaracer, USA

“Hi Jonathon, Thank you for the report. It was exactly what I was looking for. I agree completely with your insights and am extremely happy with the approach suggested.” Raeleen Kaesehagen, CYCLO Bike Store Software, Australia


“Jonathon has a very valuable and long standing understanding of the cycling industry based on his experience at both a distribution and retail level. At BikeSportz he built relationships with suppliers on our behalf and directly managed these relationships.”David Cramer, Director, Bkesportz Imports, Australia


“I had the chance to work with Jonathon when he was the brand manager for the Northwave distributor in Australia. He started the business for Northwave so I was closely in touch with him, especially for the initial period. Jon did an amazing market research study in order to introduce the products to Australian dealers. He analyzed each model and price positioning compare to the competition. It was not just a mere matter of price but many different factors were involved, like market trends and consumers perception. I positively remember the big fight that came out of it. We communicated back and forth two weeks before finalizing a collection and a pricing structure to fit the Australian market at best. The results in the next year proved to be the right one.I’m extremely thankful for Jonathon; his touch allowed Northwave to become successful in Australia. I would be pleased to work again with him in the future.”Nicola Agostinetto, Sales & Marketing Manager, Northwave Srl

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